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  1. Weijtmans

    Automatically collect recurring payment via API/webhook with custom payment gateway

    Dear Sir/Madam, I'm currently developing a custom payment gateway for Pabbly subscriptions. I'm integrating the Revolut Merchant API to handle credit card payments. I was wondering, is there a way to automatically collect recurring payments via a(n) webhook/api instead of asking customers to...
  2. Weijtmans

    [BUG] Prevent script from transforming in the "add script" section of the checkout customizer

    When you add a JS script to the checkout customizer the code is transformed/parsed into HTML after saving. For example "<script" becomes "&lt;script". If you save again, the script no longer works.
  3. Weijtmans

    Hosted invoice link via API

    Add the url from the share invoice link feature (/secureinvoice) to the API.
  4. Weijtmans

    Webhook support for trials

    Trigger a webhook when a trial starts.