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    custom html editor for email templates

    Hi, For advanced users: Please add an option to edit the email templates using html + css ! The current editor is very limited and there's no easy way to customize it using the current editor... For laymans: Create a easy drag and drop block builder Thank you
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    Need some help with Number Formatter

    Hi, We are using pabbly to create a flow but the phone number of users that my webhook return is like this: +55 (11) 9 9405-5521 And we need this value to be used to send whatsapp message for the user. How can we remove the + ( ) - and all spaces to format the number like this...
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    Wa Web Plus - Error on Send Image, File or Video

    Hi, I follow this tutorial: I try to convert a image to base64 from site that is mentioned in tutorial: But it stuck and not work: I also try without " " And I'm adding all parameters: How to fix this issue? Thanks
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    Login as customer without knowing his password

    Hi, A lot of times customer have problems and we can't connect to their computer to see whats happening. Would be nice to have a button in dashboard to login as customer. And after click on this button pabbly will login inside customer portal with customer credentials but we don't need know...
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    how can we set dynamic price per item per quantity

    There's anyway of set price range for products? Example: If user add between 1 to 50 items in the cart the price will be 5 USD / per item If user add 51 to 150 items in the cart the price will be 4 USD / per item If user add 151 or more items in the cart the price will be 3 USD / per item...
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    can't edit coupons

    Hi, Why there's no way to edit a coupons? I have coupons created that never has been used and I can't edit some basic options like the plans that will accept this coupon look: Almost everything is disabled! In some cases we have coupons that we can't delete because it was already sent to...