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  1. jasculs

    Google Sheets (Authorization Is Required)

    I keep getting this message and then my configuration is not working. This is a google workspace account and I checked that all access is granted for the Pabbly add-on
  2. jasculs

    WooCommerce to Xenforo Integration Help and Questions

    WooCommerce to Xenforo Integration Questions: 1. What if I want to also change the primary usergroup? Is that possible? 2. Am I limited to just the four options? How do I add more options to the XF integration? 3. How do I map a specific product purchase to XF? Thank you
  3. jasculs

    Google Forms with ActiveCampaign (Add Tag To Contact)

    How do I connect an ActiveCampaign tag? I'm trying to connect a Google Form to ActiveCampaign but when I get to the tag option nothing work correctly. I'm using - Google Form -> Update/Create Contact in ActiveCampaign -> Add Tag In ActiveCampaign I can't figure out how to get it to work.