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    Add tags to Encharge

    Hi! How can I set tags to Encharge ? I din't see this fields @Fagun Shah Thank you
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    Funnelytics integration

    Hi, @Pabbly Team ! Please, add integration with Funnelytics Zapier has integration but Pabbly not (( Thank you!
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    New payments

    Hi! Do you have a plan to add the popular Russian payments, like Webmoney, Yoomoney etc? Thanks!
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    Hello! I don't understand, why this is does't work But when I testing it manualy all works correct and I get email
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    SMTP does't work

    Hi! I try to send email via SMTP, but I always see error, like And I see in Gmail Unsafe application blocked This app has been blocked because it does not comply with Google's security standards. Some apps and devices use unreliable sign-in technologies that could compromise your account. We...
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    Amocrm - get datails from deals

    Hello! How can I get email and phone number from deals in Amocrm?