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  1. samir samnani

    Auto trigger, and monthly task exhaust.

    there were no trigger happening, but and free task executed itself again and again and exhausted monthly task.
  2. samir samnani

    input field please

    what comes here : any from the below or something else ? 1. Account id : 2. Payment entity id : 3. Payload payment payment order id : nothing worked for me from the above
  3. samir samnani

    paying a referral with razorpay

    Suppose i got a sale, I received a referral code in the sales form, and I have database of referral code with referral phone number & upi id. I want to automate commission payment using razorpay. any help ?
  4. samir samnani

    Pabbly subscription use case

    Hello experts, is pabbly subscription usefull for an completely offline product based business, in order to pay commission for referral for successful sale. Multi tier. Any person using or implemented such for their client. I am looking for something similar to MLM. The payment mode and sales...
  5. samir samnani

    format of date in razorpay

    What is format of date in razorpay i am trying to add months using date time formatter according to form input, but the date it assume is current date only and not as the date of the razorpay form. secondly when mapping directly from razorpay to google sheets the date of razorpay show some...
  6. samir samnani

    Calendar error

    after trying several times, still cant go through this i am trying to create a recurring event in google calendar from a form submission, but the above error occurs again and again. Help please.