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  1. jonbstrong

    Dropbox: Add triggers for New Folder

    At the moment, the only available trigger for Dropbox in Pabbly Connect is for when a new file is added. Several feature requests were created (including this one a year ago) requesting that a new folder trigger also be added. According to the Pabbly team: However I noticed that Integrately...
  2. jonbstrong

    Encharge email signups not passing on data to Telegram

    I have a workflow set up to send me a message in Telegram every time someone signups up in Encharge. However, the Telegram messages are showing up blank
  3. jonbstrong

    Unable to pass filtered data to a router

    I have a workflow set up that takes new rows in a spreadsheet, filters the data and passes it on to a router that sends different messages depending on the some of the parameters The workflow never results in an action being taken. It...
  4. jonbstrong

    Hubspot - update contact keeps failing

    I have a workflow setup where a contact is created in Hubspot using the legacy CRM integration. The lead status is then updated using the newer Hubspot integration. The second action always fails I have no idea why. Help?
  5. jonbstrong

    New Slack user is missing fields

    When I use the "new slack user" trigger in Zapier, I get these fields: The field I am most interested in is the email and the ID, as that allows me to match and update people in a database (that I keep in Notion). However I do not see the email field coming through in Pabbly for the same trigger:
  6. jonbstrong

    How do I send emails formatted properly to a Slack channel?

    I was wondering if there is a way to take the contents of an email forwarded to Pabbly and format it properly to send to a Slack channel. That means that the email body needs to be converted to markdown. Cloud Convert is a service that connects to Pabbly that does this but it requires that a...
  7. jonbstrong

    ClickUp : Update Task missing task status

    The Clickup update task integration is missing the task status field, so we are unable to update a task complete for example. Please add it
  8. jonbstrong

    Posting to Instagram previously allowed me to tag people, no longer does?

    I was previously using a workflow in Pabbly to post a podcast episode to instagram and tag the guest, which worked great! e.g. However, for the most recent episode published, this didn't work. I'm not sure...
  9. jonbstrong feature request: dynamic images gives Zapier users the option to specify a dynamic URL for postcard design: I would like Pabbly to also make this feature available
  10. jonbstrong

    How do we add line breaks in Instagram captions?

    I have found that carriage returns instagram captions do not display in Instagram I tried /n and that didn't work either. Is there any other way of adding them? Zapier does this None of the Pabbly videos with instagram have captions longer than a few words!
  11. jonbstrong

    "Create Tweet with Media" creates a tweet WITHOUT media 🤦‍♂️

    I am trying to use the "Create Tweet With Media" action so that I can post a status update to Twitter with an image. It doesn't post the image. Please fix!
  12. jonbstrong

    Question around creating workflows more efficiently

    I recorded a video for this question: Question around keystrokes / creating workflows faster - Watch Video Basically I would like to know if it is possible to create workflows using the keyboard only rather than switching between mouse and keyboard, which really slows things down...
  13. jonbstrong

    How can we get a data dump from a trigger?

    Is there a way to dump all the data from a trigger somewhere, without having to specify every single field? For example, let's say I had a trigger with 100 rows, each with a field and value parameter. Could I get all that output in list format, line by line, without having to individually...
  14. jonbstrong

    Best time of day to post or update support requests? Any other ways of shortening response time?

    I have noticed that the Pabbly team tend to reply to posts in this forum either late at night (Eastern Standard Time) or very early in the morning. This means that it takes a while to resolve issues when there is a lot of back-and-forth required. I try to get up as early in the morning to try...
  15. jonbstrong fields and actions to be added?

    Hi there, When using the integration, I noticed that there is a "search for recipient" action (and possibly one or two fields) missing. Is it possible to add this? fields/actions to be added? - Watch Video
  16. jonbstrong

    Unable to add more tables to Notion integration

    I recorded a Loom to explain the issue LOC Show Guests - Watch Video Basically I am unable to add pick up new tables to an existing Notion integration in Pabbly.
  17. jonbstrong

    Google Calendar integration doesn't pull all event data

    I'm trying to set up a workflow that takes a form entry with an email address, and adds that person as an attendee to an existing recurring calendar event. However, when I use the calendar integration, it only shows me an incomplete list of events to choose from (I think most of them are in the...
  18. jonbstrong

    New Slack integration issue - posting as bot agent returns "channel not found"

    I have been previously been able to post as a bot using the Slack legacy integration i.e. this works fine However, using the new Slack integration with the "bot" token type I am no longer able to post to this channel Is this a bug or is it only possible to post as a bot to public channels...
  19. jonbstrong

    Mailchimp action returns JSON Parse Exception 400 error

    Seems as though Pabbly is sending misformed API requests to Mailchimp.. help!
  20. jonbstrong

    Thrivecart trigger fails to register response

    I am trying to set up an automation when a purchase is made for a new product I created in Thrivecart I currently have it in test mode. I set up a pabbly connect automation to register purchases made Pabbly says it is still waiting for response even though I sent several.