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    Unexpected result with Spreadsheet Formula

    Hi, I have been using this formula successfully and have just updated with latest module as previous one was deprecated. I cannot get the correct result. Any ideas? Result should be 10.
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    Product image in checkout page

    I would like to place a product image in the checkout page and believe the best way is to embed it in the Plan. Correct me if I'm wrong. I do not want an image the full width of the checkout page as per the instructional video on headphone sale. What are the best dimensions to achieve this so...
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    SSL on Custom Domain

    I wish to apply my own certificate to a Pabbly custom domain. I do not wish to use Cloudflare for DNS as a lot of my services are whitelabelled and break when I cut across to Cloudflare. Is this possible. I have SSL on my main domain and understand that (example) is CNAME...
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    PSB Affiliate Link error - "Invalid URL, with response code"

    I get this error when copy/paste Checkout link into Target url or Affiliate Link Settings. Any ideas how I can fix? "Invalid URL, with response code"
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    Company Name field

    Is it possible to ask for a subscribers company name as part of the payment process and have this reflected in a Pabbly invoice?
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    Webhook to Google Sheets

    I have a webhook that receives a payload from a 3rd party app that I have log visibility of. I'm placing first name/last name/mobile number and email address in separate columns as a new row. For some reason the one or two customer profiles repeatedly create a new row. I'm up to over 5,000 rows...
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    Search for a Google Sheet name via Google Sheet webhook url

    Hi, Is it possible to find a particular worksheet by searching on a Google Sheet webhook url. I have dozens of workflows and would like to reverse search on occasion so I do not make a config error.
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    Issue triggering with Pabbly Connect Webhook Extension in Google Sheet

    ok further testing suggests that the Google Sheet extension is very flakey and not reliable. I'll stay with Pabbly for other workflows but Google Sheet as a trigger via Pabbly Connect Extension returns variable results. I will take this workflow to a competitor for now. Just sayin'
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    Issue triggering with Pabbly Connect Webhook Extension in Google Sheet

    doing this manually defeats the purpose of scripting though doesn't it? I want to automate this. I now have the triggering happening as I am loading the row of data with trigger column/cell one by one. The issue now is that the previous data that is cleared (say 10 rows) is filled with say 100...
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    Issue triggering with Pabbly Connect Webhook Extension in Google Sheet

    Coming from another application as a non-Simple response (JSON array in Column A) and alphanumeric in column B. column B is the trigger column and with a new/fresh Sheet trigger OK when the blob of information comes in at once (100's of rows sometimes). Unfortunately even with the suggested...
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    Issue triggering with Pabbly Connect Webhook Extension in Google Sheet

    Hi, I have a two column sheet and am using column B as trigger. Column A is JSON body text. I can manually trigger the webook by cut and paste into the two columns but when I populate the columns using backend Google Sheet script and information appears the webhook does not flow. I have "Auton...
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    Pabbly Connect Webhook add-on for Google Sheets

    I understand that when triggering from Google Sheet by adding data from an external source I should set "Auto Send on Schedule". Is the trigger fired once on the hour and if no change (no rows added for instance) no further trigger?
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    JSON and iterator module

    thank you for your assistance. awesome!
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    JSON and iterator module

    When I attempt to build this array (from a Pabbly YouTube video) for testing I get an error. Does anyone know what is wrong with my code?
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    Google Sheet data to 3rd Party API

    Hi, I have a Google Sheet FTP to Google Drive daily. It contains multiple line items and multiple rows. The sheets has a Header row. The 3rd party application allows for POST to API which I have been doing as the new data hits the Sheet, I webhook the new row payload to Pabbly and then POST to...
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    Cloning workflow issue

    Seems I did miss something. Click on Choose App again and new end point is generated. Trial and error. Apologies.
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    Cloning workflow issue

    Have I missed something? What is the point of having the ability to clone a workflow but be restricted with replacing the Trigger. I'm using a web hook trigger and have built a complex workflow that I do not wish to manually build every time. When I clone the workflow and try to add a different...
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    Using Pabbly Connect Add-on in Google Sheets - Column headers missing

    I set the trigger column too soon. I set for column D. I needed to set for column I. Needs to be last value in row. Problem solved.
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    Using Pabbly Connect Add-on in Google Sheets - Column headers missing

    I'm getting new row response but it does not include all of the column headers. Any thing I'm doing wrong? .