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    Connect with FB Group Joins?

    Can Pabbly connect with a contact who requests to join, or who joins a Facebook Group?
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    Trying to connect FB Leads to Google Sheet

    In my workflow: FB Leads (GroupPPTKit) To "All Leads" Google Sheet I am trying to get new leads from my FB ads to be placed into my Google Sheet "All Leads" I think I got the trigger set up, but what do I need to do with the action? None of my google sheets are showing in the dropdown?
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    Create Contact Action in Active Campaing not asking for what List

    In my workflow "FB Retarget BookCall Ad To Active Campaign List" the Trigger is a FB lead and Action is "create contact" in Active Campaign but it's not asking me what LIST to put the contacts on inside Active Campaign?
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    Calendly confirm to Pabbly Email List Question

    My Calendly account has 3 different events - can I specify confirmations from each event to different email lists in Pabbly email?
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    How to Switch From Zapier

    To switch from Zapier do I create all the processes with Pabbly Connect, make sure they are working, and then turn of the Zaps OR should I turn off the Zaps before connecting and testing the Pabbly Connect?