360Dialog integration - where to view the sent msgs?


Hi, I want to send a WhatsApp msg with a trigger for a new row in google sheets. For WhatsApp, I am using 360Dialog & I have successfully connected it to Pabbly. This integration is working fine. The message triggered is also delivered to the phone number on WhatsApp - Now the problem is how do I see if someone responds to that chat? Where the sent messages and responded messages are recorded? Can you please help me on this?

The workflow name is website_wa_with_default_text



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Hey @Prashanth

I would like to inform you that 360Dialog should have this feature available to see sent messages and responded messages.
Pabbly Connect only sends data in the Action application and the feature to see responses is currently unavailable on our platform.

So, I request you to please contact 360Dialog Support Team and ask them if they have that feature available or not.