49 workflows or 7?


I've tried to search and didn't see an answer, so I'll ask my first question as a new user. I'm connecting a pipeline in High Level to a board in Monday.com. My goal is to change the status column in Monday that mirrors the pipeline options, whenever someone moves. Then, the change in status column would automate the person to move into a new group within the board that represents the pipeline stage. I figured out how to make this happen and just need to create 8 workflows... one for each pipeline stage. However, when I select the router filter in Pabbly, it forces me to select which group to look in within Monday to change the status.

Instead of Pabbly looking at all 8 groups, and if it finds the email (the lookup identifier), changing the status, it will only look at one group per workflow. So if I want to send someone to group 6, I have to create a workflow from 1,2,3,4,5,7,8 to get to 6, so 7 workflows. To send to group 7, I create one for 1,2,3,4,5,6,8. This means 49 workflows that are duplicated instead of 8.

Is there a way for pabbly to search the entire board for the email address instead of requiring me to set it up per group?


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Hey @Jacob1733

Regarding your question, the router appears to be the only option, and you must always supply the group ID in order to change the status.

And you can try the nested routes where inside every route you can update the status.