Affiliates Disappearing - Need fix or I want refund


I had several affiliates set up... and promoting their unique links but it keeps deleting/losing the old ones and showing only 2 active affiliates.

I've given a lot of money to subscribe and am also an email marketing subscriber. i need this sorted within 3 days or I want a full refund on everything!!

Asking affiliates to go through the sign up process is NOT an option!! Re-instate the missing affiliates ASAP.

Earth Medicine App.

Akanksha Jain

Staff member
Kindly, set the date range to "All Time" in order to see all the affiliate records.

Thank you Akansha for your fast response.
I thought they were simply disappearing!
I note that some affiliate marketing allows for the business owner to set up a link for affiliates rather than them having to sign in and create an account.

Ideally, I would just send a link to an influencer that they could use and then after making referrals, that affiliate could then go through the sign up process to check their dashboard. It is difficult to get busy influencers to take the time to set up an account in the Pabbly portal in order to retrieve their link etc.



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