Any experience with slack (blocks)

sorry for that but i'm new here and i became obsessed with automation with pabbly 😍
most of times i know what i want to do but i don't know if it's possible
i search a lot and find my self asking here :rolleyes:

so my question is about automation of woo commerce and slack but i really accept any alternative

i found that slack have really responsive lovely blocks but still can't find the way to use it !

we got some order that's been scheduled for another day or a specific time
what happens is when customer service got the date/time from customer
this info most of times is vanished when moving to operation team by (whatsapp, phone call , ....)

i saw this blocks on slack and i said this is what i want
Screen Shot 2022-10-06 at 3.12.22 AM.png

we have a custom status for scheduled orders so my imaginary automation is

when order status is "scheduled"
to send this block (sure with modifications)

to slack to force customer service agent to pick date and time that can also make operation team able see the time of scheduled orders clearly

i'm not experienced with slack just use it to organize stuff and make the work away of whatsapp but with automation every think would be great and save more time and prevent a lot of mistakes

important note : operation team is large and always in hurry and most of time don't have time or most familiar with laptops and softwares
so i decided to choose slack because it's easy have mobile app version ,

if you missed the point :D
how i can send block like this in picture based on trigger