Appointment reminder one day in advance > mail is not being sent

I have written a Google Calendar - Gmail script that I would like to send out reminders about events that take place a day later. Using Gcal > tekst-time formatter > add subtract time > delay by Pabbly > gmail.

Looking at the history of the task all goes well, however, the e-mails do not go out. The script stops after the delay step. It is just as if the delay moment occurs too late (after it's being generated). Am I overlooking something?


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Hey @pierrevanlier

As we can see from the recent history logs of your workflow, the workflow was executed after the time is allocated in the Delay Until action step whereas the time should be in the future to use the Delay Until action step.

Kindly pass the correct date time in Delay Until action step to make it work properly.

Thank You, I was thinking in the same direction. I have changed the script so that it launches on event creation instead of event start. Not optimal, event start would be easier, but it does the job :) All the other parameters were fine, I left them as they were...