Best options for 2nd Line Apps?


Our business has gotten to the point where I cannot manage the incoming text message overload, via my personal text messaging app on iOS.

We have been looking for a second phone line app/service that has great SMS options and voice as well... something that has a SUPER robust mobile app so it feels just like we're texting and talking right from the phone. But everything is through this 3rd party tool.

It would be ideal if this type of app had a cheap subscription <$10/mth and had unlimited text messages... and most of all... integrated with Pabbly.

We found OpenPhone and it looks pretty great on all those fronts... including a destop app and web app... buuuut no integration with Pabbly Connect.

Seems like an integration like this would be low priority unless a ton of Pabbly customers were looking for it. I did note that Zapier does have an integration with OpenPhone.

Could OpenPhone do everything we want, with Webhooks?