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Call Pabbly API resulted in 404 Not Found error


Hello, I am connecting to Pabbly API from a custom application written in Java using spring framework.

I am testing connection by using this API link:

in the request header I am providing API credentials like this:

String plainCreds = "[API Key]:[Secret Key]; // Use actual values from pabbly
byte[] plainCredsBytes = plainCreds.getBytes();
Encoder enc = Base64.getEncoder();
byte[] base64CredsBytes = enc.encode(plainCredsBytes);
String base64Creds = new String(base64CredsBytes);

HttpHeaders headers = new HttpHeaders();
headers.add("Authorization", "Basic " + base64Creds);
RestTemplate restTemplate = new RestTemplate();

HttpEntity<String> entity = new HttpEntity<>(headers);

Map<String, Object> pabblyResponse = (Map<String, Object>) restTemplate.exchange(uri, HttpMethod.POST, entity, Map.class);

at this point my page shows that message 404 Not Found

How can it be resolved?

Please help




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Hello @yurika ,

Upon our investigation, we have identified that the issue you are experiencing is due to an incorrect URL/API link being used. Please review and ensure that you are using the correct URL/API link:

Correct URL/API Link:

Please verify this information and let us know if you have any further concerns or issues.

Thank you.


Thank you for your reply. The url I've used is taken from your documentation.

Are there other url in documentation that are not correct?

It is important to know for developers.

Also, after I corrected the url I am getting an error message as a response stating "Please select at least one payment gateway". If you check my account you will see that I do have payment gateway connected.

Please help me understand how can the integration be developed and tested.

For example, is there a way to create test subscriptions? I've added a subscription manually but it shows as Pending because no payment has been received. This is a test subscription. Is there a way to test integrations?

Please advise




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Hello @yurika ,

Please rest assured. All the APIs in the API document are correct and functioning properly.

Can you please let me know which API you are using when you encounter the error, "Please select at least one payment gateway"? This information will help us investigate the matter further.

For pending subscriptions, you can make these subscription as live by recording the payment for those subscriptions. You can do this by recording the payment of the subscription invoice. Please refer to the help document below for more details on how to create a manual subscription and make the subscription live from pending using the record payment option:

For testing purposes, you can create a subscription using the API below:

Also for the test payments you can enable the test payment gateway in your account.



Hello, as you can see when you scroll to the beginning of this ticket, I am using subscription API.
I provide no input parameters and expect to receive a list of all subscriptions.

You API documentation calls this API - subscriptions. (see attached print screen)

You advised me to change URL to subscription. This is a different API and it requires an input parameter.

Which URL shall be used to get all subscriptions?


  • Pabbly API subscriptions.png
    Pabbly API subscriptions.png
    86.9 KB · Views: 11


I think we are not getting anywhere in this discussion.

If you scroll through the ticket you will see the history of this discussion:
1. I have been using the subscriptions API exactly as you show in the latest print screen, it gave me error and I asked a question why
2. you responded that the API is wrong and shall be subscription instead of subscriptions
3. I tried using API url as you advised but it gives another error more likely because it requires input params that I do not plan to provide. I asked you if you are certain that the url is wrong in the #1
4. you answered that there is a url subscription and that the very first answer in this ticket is incorrect. If that is the case, please check the initial question and help me understand why the subscriptions url gives that error


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Hello @yurika ,
Upon checking your account, we successfully used the "list all subscriptions" API to retrieve the subscription details present in your account. During this test, we received a successful 200 OK response with list of all the subscription present in the account. Please refer to the screenshot below which shows the test we conducted using Postman.


Therefore, there is no issue with the API as it is functioning correctly. Please refer to the below help document for more details on the list all subscriptions API.

We kindly request you to verify the Pabbly Subscription billing API using Postman once on your end and not with the script that you have provided. To address the issue you are experiencing, we recommend ensuring that you are using the correct API URL and parameters also the API key and Secret key of your account that you are using. Additionally, please review the script you have implemented as there may be an error in it causing the issue.