Certain Twitter links post at Telegram to Discord Webhook fail.


Hello community :)

I set up my Connect setup so that all my Telegram posts in a group is automatically forwarded to my Discord channel through a webhook.
The setup works very well, except certain Twitter posts that contain an underscore in the link.

Links like twitter.com/some_randomusername/****** for some reason show up in Discord as twitter.com/some/_randomusername/******
You can see that in front of the _ there as been added a / which breaks the link.

Does anyone know how I can fix this?

This problem occurs at Discord PC and Mac but not at Android, so it seem to be a Discord related issue or some how a Mac or PC related problem. But if anyone here could help shed some light on this it would be very much appreciated.



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Hey @jimango

Could you please tell us which action event you are using in Discord? If you are using an action event with Markdown then kindly try the event with HTML.