Choosing Account from Data

Is it not possible to use a single workflow to post to a dynamically chosen account? For example, if webhook data says to use Facebook Business Page 1 to post something can the workflow be set to post to Facebook Business Page 1 if the data indicates which account to use? If I'm sending different data for posting and include which account I want it to use, why can't Pabbly choose the account I want from the data so it remains a dynamic system instead of me needing to copy the exact same workflow five times to be able to post to the five different business pages I manage? If Pabbly could choose the correct account as set in the JSON data, it could make use of 1 workflow? Is this possible?
I manage several Facebook business pages and I will often use the same workflow to post to these pages but since I can’t choose the Facebook profile dynamically from the data earlier in the workflow, which could all be populated from my database as to which profile account and the content of the posts, etc. currently I need to add the new profile and copy another workflow which I then need to send sample data and swap out all the dynamic fields again. This seems like such an unnecessary waste of time and energy when it can just be 1 workflow with a way to choose the Facebook profile to use as an exact match to the profile name. In this way I could use 1 workflow and not need to rebuild all the broken dynamic field data.
Can you make it so that when a workflow is cloned, you don't have to re-establish all the connections since it's a clone of a working and already established workflow? This would be a reasonable compromise as a solution.


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Hey @andrewstrealtor

Cloned workflow's connection will always be intact to use the action step only. Whereas you need to configure the webhook trigger from start.