Connect Razorpay with Pabbly


Hello Team,
I would like to connect a certain Payment page in Razorpay to Pabbly to WhatsApp

Now, the payment page accepts "Any Amount" - so the user fills the amount as per the on-going offer.

How do I integrate this with pabbly and to whatsapp?


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Hey @zest83 !

Sure, you can integrate Razorpay with WhatsApp in Pabbly Connect.

For your reference, you can check on this video tutorial for just the Razorpay and WhatsApp part-

Hope, we have mentioned your query.

Incase, we mis-interpreted your concern, do elaborate bit more, so we can better understand your concern.

Best Regards.


Yes, you have not understood what I was asking.

I'll explain again.
1. Razorpay lets user make different Payment Pages.
2. There is an option which lets us make payment pages where the user can type in the amount they wish to pay.
3. Here the amount is random because its as per the ongoing offer and that's what the user enters.

in my chat api trigger, i wish to tell the user how much they have paid.

So the whatsApp message will say:

Hello <name>. thank you for your payment of Rs. < >

So how do I do this?

Please check this link created for you to check what I'm talking about:


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