We have now introduced the Coupon based affiliate Tracking feature in Pabbly Subscription Billing where you will be able to distribute exclusive coupon codes to your affiliates.

This is a HUGE option. This will remove the need for affiliate links. You can provide your affiliate with their own unique coupon code. Then for every customer who uses this coupon code, your affiliate will automatically be rewarded with their commission. Even if the customer never clicked on an affiliate link. Powerful stuff! Isn't it?

Usage of coupons will supersede the use of cookies. This means even if the customer clicks someone else's affiliate link at last but uses your affiliate/referral code, the right affiliate to which that coupon belongs will get the commission rather than any other affiliate.

The process to set this up is easier than ever. Just create a coupon in Pabbly Subscription Billing, and attribute that coupon to any particular Affiliate by simply selecting the affiliate email.

The Affiliate then can provide that coupon code to his audiences to drive traffic and the affiliate referral will be auto-applied to all the sales that happened through that coupon code.
One important thing to keep in mind is that in order to generate the commission for the affiliate, a commission rule must be set for the selected plan for which the coupon is created.



Hey Juan,
Currently, it is not possible. But we are working on the same and updating the APIs.