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Requirements for Coupon ->

1. Coupon should be only valid if the total purchase amount exceeds a certain threshold. For eg - A coupon of 30% applicable if you purchase for $200 or more.
2. Dynamic coupon codes
3. 100% coupon applied option
4. Upload Multiple Coupons Codes via CSV or Auto-Generated Coupon Codes.
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Nice suggestions, and would be nice to let users change all coupon details and when save let us choose to apply only for new orders with this coupon or also change the current customers that are using this coupon.

Why not let us change the Associate Plans that created coupons have? If we create a coupon today and select ALL PLANS it will work for our current company scenario. But if we add more plans in future this coupon can be apply, and if we want to change the plans it's disabled :/