Coupons in PSB

Coupons are used to provide offers and discounts on particular products or services. You need to fill up the following details in order to create a new coupon –

  • Coupon Name - Here you can input the name of the coupon.
  • Coupon Code - Add a unique coupon code to identify the coupon.
  • Discount - Specify the discount as a flat discount or in % discount which you want to offer your customer.
  • Redemption Type - There are 3 redemption types of coupons
    (a) One-time – Select when the coupon is to be redeemed only once for a subscription.
    (b) Forever – Coupon is applied every time when invoice is generated.​
    (c) A Limited number of times – You can specify the no. of times a coupon can be redeemed.
  • Associated Plans - A coupon can be applied to all the plans or to the specific plans.
  • Valid Upto - Here you can set the expiry date of a coupon.
  • Maximum Redemption - It refers to the maximum number of subscriptions for which this coupon can be used.

Once a coupon is made, one cannot edit the coupon except for the "Valid Upto" and"Maximum Redemption" settings. Only these two settings can be modified at a later stage.