Create an Invoice in Stripe

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To add multiple custom fields, metadata & discount coupons in Create an Invoice action follow the steps given below -

1. Hover on the top right of Statement Descriptor field.
2. Click on the "+" button as shown below -


3. Custom Fields: For Custom Fields there will be two keys one for the name and another one for the value as shown in the example below
  • custom_fields[0][name]
  • custom_fields[0][value]

4. MetaData: For Metadata, provide a key as shown in example below -
Eg: metadata[invoice_createdby]

5. Discount Coupons
To provide multiple discount Coupons provide key as shown in example below
Eg: discounts[0][coupon] ----> This will be your first coupon
Eg: discounts[1][coupon] ----> This will be your 2nd Coupon
Provide the coupon ID in the value section of the field.

Please have a look at image given below



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