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Data Forwarder not working

Why did this stop working?!!!! All my tasks that needed to forward to this webhook to continue an automated workflow have stopped working. This is unacceptable that things stop working that were setup and working, and no notice is sent to me when things break. Also, I have no way of fixing this since everything is correctly set up.

This workflow is supposed to forward the webhook data as a final step to another workflow, both hosted in Pabbly, and it stopped working!

Workflow: IjU3NmMwNTZjMDYzMDA0MzA1MjZmNTUzNSI_3D_pc

is supposed to forward to workflow: IjU3NjMwNTZiMDYzNDA0MzE1MjY1NTUzYyI_3D_pc
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Also, I am seeing missing history of workflows that ran but which are not appearing in the history. I know they ran because I received an email which is a step in the workflow. But when I look for the history to see why the process didn't complete properly, and the history is completely missing!!!! Perhaps this is part of the problem. My workflow initiated and ran and then when it got to the step of forwarding the webhook, the data was forgotten from history and unable to forward. Why is this happening?
I can share this one, but I am missing many others that ran but do not appear in the history. This should never happen!

Task history: IjU3NjMwNTY1MDYzNjA0MzE1MjY5NTUzMzUxMzY1MTYyNTQzMCI_3D_pc
This is single handedly destorying my business. I can not track all of the problems this is causing. This can not and should not ever happen. I need this fixed.
How is this resulting in a "Success" message?!!!


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We have forwarded your concern to the technical team and they will be looking into it.
This should be fixed by now. This is a critical component that should not have stopped working and it's been down for several days now.


Staff member
Our team is currently looking into this issue. Please allow us some more time. We will get back to you as soon as we have any updates.
When will this be corrected. Being able to forward data between workflows is an essential and recommended process within Pabbly Connect. If this isn't working properly, my workflows do not work properly. I will be cancelling my subscription and developing my own solutions if this isn't fixed very soon!


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Apologies for the inconvenience. Our technical team are able to find out the issue and currently fixing it. We will notify you as soon as it is fixed.


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Thank you for confirming. According to the technical team, the Webhook Forwarder encountered a technical issue that has since been resolved by them.