Difference between Razorpay Onetime and Razorpay Subscription

Razorpay Onetime:

It has been integrated by using Oauth with the Pabbly app associated with Razorpay. It is a kind of Partnership. The purpose of this integration is, some of our users face 'Registered domain unverified' issues while making payments. And also Razorpay says your users will get a transaction fee discount while making payment through UPI but some of our users complain they didn't get a transaction discount.

Razorpay Subscription:

The purpose of this integration is to help our users to get auto-charge payments from Razorpay subscriptions. But while doing this using OAuth, there are some issues like recurring subscriptions are not created inside the user's account. So we replaced the integration with the API key and secret key method. This method allows creating subscriptions inside users' accounts. So that our users can manage their subscriptions by themself.