**Dunning Management - Powerful tool for recapturing the failed payments**

A Dunning management system is one of the most useful tools for recapturing the failed payments from the customer.

Whenever a payment fails either first or recurring, that transaction is captured under our dunning cycle. In this, the system tries to attempt the payment from the customer on predefined days from the billing date. On every attempt, the system automatically sends an email notification to the customer and the merchant.

You can also set us a Dunning Management system from Settings >> Dunning. So, lets see whats all we got here.

Dunning Management Features:

On the Dunning management dashboard, you can see different statistical data which will help you find out the total payments that are captured under the dunning cycle, how many of them were recovered, and how many are yet to be captured. it is categorized as:
  • Total Payment
  • Lost Payment
  • Recovered Payment
That's not all. Under the Dunning Details panel, you will find the record of each attempt made for each customer with details such as how many attempts are made till date for a customer by sending the email, whether the email was opened by the user or not, and if the payment was recovered, you will see the details like the date on which the payment was recovered as well as his payment method.


How to set up the Dunning payment process?

To set up the Dunning process you need to enable the Dunning payment Process from Settings >> Dunning >> Dunning Settings >> Dunning payment process = ON.
Once you have enabled the dunning payment process, you can now set up the Dunning Attempts & Retry Frequency according to your needs.

We have now enabled an option for the Merchants to set the number of Email attempts they want to make for payment recovery in notifying their customers. Also, they can set the intervals for Retrying i.e. time duration between the notifications sent to the customer, and define the subscription status which will be set automatically after the Retrying cycle ends.

You can set the no of Dunning Attempts that the system (Pabbly) will make to collect the payment for failed payments. For example, if you set the attempts as 2, then two dunning notification emails will e sent to the customer after the payment fails.

Depending on the number of attempts, you can then set the Retrying Frequency i.e. time duration between the notifications sent to the customer. You can specify the number of days after which you want to retry payment collection. For example: If you have selected 3 as Retry Frequency-1, and 5 as Retry Frequency-2, then the first dunning mail will be sent after 3 days of the failed payment and the second email will be sent on the 5th day from payment failure i.e. 2 days after the first email.

We have also provided the option to set the Subscription status after dunning attempts. After all retries, you can choose to keep the subscription status as Unpaid or Cancelled.

Refer to the image below.


Dunning Email Customization:

The dunning emails sent to the customer are fully customizable. You can even change the language of the notification. There are several shortcodes given that display different data. You can add plain text and shortcodes to complete the information. In this way, the template looks professional and has all the important details.

Also, you can mark the email notifications as INACTIVE, if you do not wish to send or receive the emails.
Refer to the image below.


This is how the emails received by the customer looks like.


The dunning email notification received by the end customer also has a pay now button. So your customer can directly pay from the email by clicking on that button. Easy as that!


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