Email List Validation - Response not received in 15 seconds

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I was using Email List Validation in the past, and it was working properly, but recently I am facing issues when I use this service inside the Pabbly Connect Workflow.
I always get "Response not received in 15 seconds" error.

However, if I try their API URL directly in the browser, then I get response from their servers instantly.
Their API URL format is this:

You can take a look at this workflow on my account:

I am using the Email List Validation app, however, even when I am doing "Save & Test Result" I am getting the "15 seconds" error.


I tried asking Email List Validation support chat, and this is what they responded with:
We have done multiple tests and don't see any issue from our side, please try to contact Pabbly support may be they can help.

Also, as I mentioned above - if I load direct URL with their API call in the browser - all works well.
I also tried to use "API by Pabbly" inside this workflow, but I am getting the same "15 seconds" response

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I would appreciate if Pabbly's team could look into this.

Thank you


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Hey @auguk

We have made some changes in the API by Pabbly action step and it is working now. Kindly review that up and let us know if that helps you out.

Further, we have checked the Emil Verify action step and it is also working correctly.

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