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I have this query. I have two payment links one is 99 and another is for 3999.

When user purchased for 99 then they should get different different email and when they make payment for 3999 they should get email for 3999. i dont any option in Pabbly where i can check the amount and according i can send the email to the. please guide


Pabbly Subscription Billing has a framework wherein the email notifications are automatically triggered for each specific activity including purchasing two different subscriptions via the same payment gateway. It has an inbuilt Email notification system that consists of pre-defined default email templates that are being triggered to both the merchant & customer on a specific activity like successful payment & subscription renewal etc & many more. These settings are customizable so that one can easily set any notification for a particular activity.


Therefore, it'll be simply required to create plans in the Pabbly account & share the checkout page URL with the customers so that on each payment the email notification for a specific plan will be sent automatically to the customer without any manual intervention. In short, notifications will be sent on each activity set by the merchant at his end.

Apart from these, it consists of other sub-options as well like custom email & email recipients, etc that serve different purposes. To know more, please follow this doc -