EverWebinar & WebinarJam


Given that there are "no triggers" with Ever Webinar or WebinarJam can you please explain "Get Specific Webinar Details" and how we can use that "action"?

Can we somehow pass this through an HTTP Post via InfusionSoft Keap?

I had Zapier but transferred to Pabbly because it makes sense. But my concern now is I wonder does Zapier have more "advanced trigger" option per application which I hope is not the case.

Are there any "Creative Options" that you know of that would allow EverWebinar User to have a similar experience with "Triggers" for EverWebinar/WebinarJam?

For example, can we integrate with GoogleSheet (ex..extration tool) and then EverWebinar to create a similar experience with EverWebinar Triggers? Any suggestions or workarounds would be beneficial.

My goal was to use Keap (InfusionSoft) with Evergreen Webinar to send out emails and Automations around that Specific (Date & Time) User Registration. Given what I'm seeing, I don't believe it is an option unless I'm missing something, which is why I asked about "Creative Alternatives" (ex...Google Sheet)

Fagun Shah

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Here what I have seen other people doing it. They capture leads from their landing page and then enroll them in Everwebinar/Webinarjam using pabbly connect. That way you can send data to gsheet as well using pabbly connect.

Some apps only open their APIs to zapier and that is the only reason zpaier has more advanced triggers for some apps. I have tried asking Everwebinar and Webinarjam support about adding webhooks(better than current zapier triggers) support more than 4-5 times in last 3 years but they are not interested at all.