Facebook Lead Ads (New Lead in Any Form Instant) Error


Hello Pabbly, i have a problem setting up the new trigger event for Facebook Lead Ads

I was using the previous trigger Event (New Lead) and i watch your video about the new trigger event.
I try this 2 scenarios:

1. Modify the trigger action in an existing workflow and change it to the new trigger event

2. Create a new workflow with a new Facebook Lead Ads connection an try the new trigger event

In both scenarios the trigger event fails with the following messages:


Then i submit the test lead here (anchor link suggested) with the Facebook Tool for 3 different forms and Pabbly did not receive the webhook event data. I waited 10 minutes to check, but no response was received.

Then i try to delete the enterprise app connection with Pabbly from my Facebook Account and retry the process with new Facebook connection, but not succeed.

Thanks for your help, i will be using the previous trigger event until you can help me resolve this issue.


Iván (Unamacro)


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Hey @unamacro

Looks like you have not make a test submission properly in order to response while using the trigger event "Facebook Lead Ads (New Lead in Any Form Instant)".

I would suggest you to please go through this video tutorial which mentions step by step guide for setting up ""Facebook Lead Ads (New Lead in Any Form Instant)" trigger event.

Note that the webhook data in this case will be received without any delay as shown in the video tutorial.

Please try setting up the workflow at your end now and let us know if you still stuck at any step.