facebook page to RSS


i am looking for a way to create a RSS feed from facebook pages. currently use competitors (expensive) to create.
a public facebook page I manage will post on facebook. that post I need to have a option to create website articles on CMS based website (Joomla).
i see Wordpress but not Joomla. i can manage it based on RSS feed.
so either pabbly needs to be able to create a RSS feed based on Facebook posts or add Joomla as CMS to create articles on that.


Staff member
Hey @jpeters !

We don't have RSS feed action events with us, but you can make a request and upvote for the same here- https://pabbly.hellonext.co/b/Integration-Request

Also, we do not have integration with Joomla with us, but you can check below for information on adding it with Pabbly Connect-

Thank you for submitting your integration request.

We are receiving a large number of requests for building new integrations and updating the existing ones.

To allow the app owners to ship their integrations faster, we have opened our developer's platform inside Pabbly Connect.

We would request you to let the app team know about the open developer's platform. So that they can use the developer platform to build and ship their integration faster. As long as the app teams have an API and Webhooks, the integration can be done through our app developers' platform.

The guide for creating their app integrations can be shared with the app teams along with the message.

In the meantime, you can also submit your integration request on our roadmap. We prioritize the integrations based on the number of upvotes received for the application.

Let us know if you have any further questions.