First and Last name fields are not captured.


Hi All,
I have a scenario where a customer can purchase multiple times for him as well as for his family.
So he uses his email, first name, last name to make the initial payment -> new customer is created in Pabbly Subscription.
Later he purchases the same item but for his wife or family member -> here he uses he personal email id in the form.

What we see now is even though the First name Last Name is different for subsequent purchases. Pabbly API/Webhook given information about the first made payment (that use who was created in the first instance with same email id)

Is there a work around to capture the new First and Last Name even though the email id used is the same.

Awaiting quicker response as its very urgent


Currently, there is no workaround possible for this. If the email address is the same, the previously saved details will be fetched.