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Folder feature in Pabbly Connect marks a significant advancement in collaborative workflow management. This feature not only simplifies the process of organizing and managing automation workflows but also enhances team collaboration by allowing for shared access and management capabilities within a team environment. Here, we'll delve into the specifics of how the Folder works, including additional considerations that ensure both flexibility and control in a collaborative setting.

  • Nested Folder Structure:
    • Users can create up to two levels of nested folders within the Folder, allowing for a detailed organization of automation workflows.
  • Enhanced Sharing Capabilities:
    • Multiple workflows and folders can be shared with team members, facilitating comprehensive collaboration on projects.
    • While team members can be added to manage and create new workflows within shared folders, they are restricted from creating new folders, ensuring that the folder structure remains consistent and under the control of the account owner.
  • Workflow Management
    • Team members have the ability to create new workflows in the account, promoting active participation in process automation.
    • Access for team member is limited to shared workflows and folders, safeguarding sensitive or unrelated workflows from being accessed.
    • All workflows within shared folders are accessible to team members, but moving workflows between folders is restricted, maintaining organizational integrity.
    • Deletion of any shared workflows or folders is not permitted for team members, ensuring the preservation of collaborative work.
  • Task History and App Connections
    • Team members can view task history specific to only shared workflows and folders, providing insights into workflow performance and execution.
    • New app connections can be added by team members, enhancing the functionality of workflows. However, editing or deleting existing connections is restricted, protecting established integrations.
  • Account Security and Privacy
    • Access to billing information, team member section, connection page, and sub-account details is strictly limited to the account owner, ensuring the privacy and security of account-specific information.
  • Sharing Folders and Workflows
    • Share with Multiple Team Members: When sharing a folder, you can add multiple team members by entering their email addresses and specifying their access level.
    • Comprehensive Access to Shared Resources: Shared folders and workflows will be accessible to all added team members, enabling them to collaborate effectively by creating new workflows within those shared resources.
  • Restrictions for Team Members
    • Folder Creation: Team members cannot create new folders, ensuring the primary user retains control over the organizational structure.
    • Workflow Movement: The ability to move workflows from one folder to another is restricted to prevent organizational disarray.
    • Deletion Restrictions: Team members are not permitted to delete any shared workflows or folders, safeguarding collaborative efforts.

Folders in Pabbly Connect is a robust tool designed to foster teamwork, improve workflow management, and secure collaborative efforts. By understanding and utilizing the comprehensive sharing capabilities, restrictions, and best practices outlined, teams can leverage Pabbly Connect to its full potential, ensuring a productive and streamlined workflow automation process.

Create Folder

You can find the option to create a folder in your Pabbly Connect dashboard. Note that we don't have a limitation on how many folders you would like to create, unlike our competitors.

Create Nested Folder

You can add up to two nested subfolders in your Pabbly Connect dashboard.

Rename Folder

You can rename folders and subfolders for easy management of workflows.

Share Folder

Delete Folder/Sub Folder

You can delete folders and subfolders as per your requirements. Please note that if you delete a folder or folder containing subfolders, then all workflows will be moved to the home folder.

Move Folder

As of now, Pabbly Connect does not offer the option to move folders. Please note that you do have the option to move workflow from across folders and sub folder easily.

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