Forward Custom Data Not Working

I'm trying to use the Forward Custom Data option and looking at this video,,vid:JwjWx7vx0hE

I have no options for labels and data to forward as you can see in the screenshot I've attached.

Also, when I try the Forward Webhook, it just says "dummy data" but no data is forwarded to allow me to set up other workflows with the data fields since no data is forwarded.


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So how do I set up my workflows without getting real test data? I get just exclamation marks on each step missing the data for the workflow.
I've discovered that to make the Forward Custom Data work, it doesn't default with a blank Label and Data Field row showing and I need to click on the '+' above the Webhook URL to get these rows to show. This is unintuitive for the first values since the entire step is useless without at least one set of values entered. I would suggest setting it to start with an empty but visible row with label and value so it's clear you can enter one and then users would see the plus sign when trying to add additional data fields to forward.

As to the other issue, when the Forward Webhook is used to attempt to chain multiple workflows after each other from the same initial webhook event, no test data is forwarded and therefore no additional workflows can be created since only "dummy" data is sent. Unless there's another way to run multiple workflows from a single webhook trigger event that initiates everything, then I think this is a problem. Can you please make it so actual test data gets pushed through instead of a dummy connection so further workflows can be made? Otherwise, one single huge workflow with multiple routing will be very slow to load and save as I've experienced with multi step workflows. Allowing the actual test data to pass through would be the solution I can see.