Gmail/Gsuite Integration With Pabbly Email Marketing.

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Pabbly allows you to connect multiple SMTP services with in a single account to send email campaigns. For more information on Pabbly Email Marketing, please check this link here:

Though, Pabbly Email Marketing is a PAID Software, but we do offer a free plan for 100 subscribers. So, if you want to try sending emails through Gmail without worrying about the email sending limits, you can do that using Pabbly.

There are few things you should know while connecting Gmail SMTP -
1. For sending emails you should first have a Pabbly Email Marketing account, so signup here for Pabbly account -

2. You can connect multiple Gmail/Gsuite accounts in a single interface for sending emails. But the maximum possible connection limit is 10 Gmail/Gsuite accounts.

3. Gmail allows you to send 500 emails in a day but, with Pabbly you can send 300 emails in total (per day) via Gmail SMTP to avoid unnecessary suspension of your Gmail account. Similarly, with Gsuite the original limit is 2K per day, but here you can send 1500 emails maximum from one Gsuite account.

Here's the Captcha link required for connection which mentioned in the video -

In case you have any query regarding the setup then either post your query on the forum or you can email us at [email protected].

Now, you can follow the given tutorial for connecting Gmail or Gsuite SMTP -

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