Google Calendar Appt Reminders Issue when appointment is modified


I have a workflow that does appointment reminders 24 hours before the event start time. It sends the text based off the phone number being put in the description field. I am noticing that if I schedule an appt reminder and don't put that phone number in the description field right away, and do it a week later but still more than 24 hours before the appointment, it does not run. Is there a solution to this problem? More simplistically put - sometimes we don't put the phone number in the description right away, and the appointment gets queued up in Pabbly for execution, then we put the phone number in later. Any ideas?

Fagun Shah

Well-known member
You can try using "Get Event" action just before Text Reminder step and map the phone number value from that step's response.

This way it will always fetch latest event information before sending the reminder, including the phone number.