Google Calendar Update - How can I change the color of the single Google Calendar event?


Good morning, given the recent changes made by google calendar, as per post attributable to this link: https://workspaceupdates.googleblog...roduct-Education&utm_content=-&utm_term=-&m=1

I ask, how do I change the color of the single event within the calendar.

I do a practical test:

At some point in my workflow, the google event is modified with the words "Appointment done".

At this point, instead of keeping the global color of the calendar, I would like to mark the single "green" event which means that the event has ended positively, how can I do it? What are the details of the event specifically that I need to change in the event attribution / modification gase with pabbly connect?


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Hey @amicici

In the "Google Calendar : Create Detailed Event" action event, you can select the colour in the colour dropdown field.