Google Sheet to SendinBlue

Add the webhook in Google Sheets. The test in Spreadsheet for the webhook was working, but it was not adding the contact when I tested it.

The sequence is as follows
1. When column status is changed to "QUOTED."
2. Add the contact to a Sendinblue list.

But no contact is added to the Sendinblue list.



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1. When column status is changed to "QUOTED."
Is this changed manually in Google Sheets or through some third-party app? Please confirm this.

Meanwhile please make sure to check this video which explains the full working of Google Sheet Triggers -
Hi, I followed the instruction We changed the column manually. It is a dropdown with different options, including the status "QUOTED"


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Hey @DigiCreators

The dropdown field in the trigger column will not trigger the data to the workflow, so we suggest you manually type the status in the trigger column from your Google Sheets.