Google Sheets app


I attempted to install the Pabbly add-on for Google Sheets and wasn't logged in with the same account as the sheet in question. I've now tried to remove and re-install wirh the right account but now it doesn't ask for account. Anyone have a fix for this?

On another note, why an add-on? Zapier runs native on Google sheets.



Staff member
Hey @Lars !

For every new Gmail account, add-ons will be asked to install, as different sheet belongs to a different account.

So when you will add a previous account, you will already have the add-ons added to it, but when you add a new account, then it will ask for add-ons to be installed.

Pabbly Connect's Google Sheet integration is Descriptive Webhook based, so it will be required to use the plugin for connecting the workflow and Google Sheets, so the plugin is required.

Hope, we have mentioned your query.