How to Add Characters If Words End With Vowel/Consonants


Hey there,

I'm using the {Company} tag in the subject line of my cold outreach app, Reply(dot)io.

But I have the following problem and I was wondering if Pabbly can solve it.

Let's say I want to have the following subject line for my outreach "What {Company}'s ads are missing"

In this case, I need to know if the company name ends with a vowel or a consonant.

For example, if a company name ends with a vowel, add " 's " to it. And if it ends with a consonant, add " ' " to it.

This way, I can make it into a custom field and replace that with the standard {Company} tag in Reply(dot)io.

Is this possible with Pabbly? If so, how?

Fagun Shah

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Something like this? -


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