how to change commission between active & Inactive subscibers


How do we change commission for active users and inactive users automatically,

active affiliate users will get $10 as commission for each referral
inactive affiliate users will get $5 as commission for each referral

one option we found was manually add corresponding mail id's, it is difficult to track all active users mail id & adding to commission rule , but we are looking for automatic way to do above


We are planning on some affiliate program
case I : If "A" is subscribed with us & he refer "B" to us , then "A" will get $10
if he refer "C" to us, then "A" will get $10
total : $20 ( for Current month)
case 2 : if "A" unsubscribe for 2nd month , but still "B" is part of our program , then "A" should get $5 for corresponding month
Note: Here "C" also unsubscribed

In the above scenario "A" is active in first month & inactive in Second Month.

Akanksha Jain

Staff member
Hi Dinesh,
Currently, this use case is not Possible with Pabbly Subscription Billing.

As long as 'A' is your affiliate, he will get the commission for all his referred sales. And the commission rule will be the same, whether he is your active customer or not.

Hope this helps.