How to delete your Connections and Workflows?

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Here are the steps that will help you in deleting your connected app connections and workflows:

Delete Connections:

1. Visit your Pabbly Connect Dashboard > Open your desired workflow.
2. Visit the step where you have connected your application.
3. Hit Connect button, Select your existing connection from the drop down.
4. Press the 3 dots and select Delete option as shown in the below screenshot:


5. A prompt will appear confirming the deletion, Press Yes, delete it to permanently deleting the connection.


Delete Workflow:

1. Visit your Pabbly Connect Dashboard and hover the mouse on the desired workflow.
2. You will see the 3 dots actions button just click on it.
3. Select Delete option, a confirmation box will appear.


4. Press Yes, delete it option to delete permanently your workflow.


You can write us at [email protected] for any queries in deletion process or submit the Contact Us form by selecting the option for Delete Account in Query Type there.
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