How to get a single API request to work?


I have contacted the team by email, after chasing they got back with cartID not available. I can read, so I happen to have seen that. One of the main reason of choosing Pabbly was that it was sold as being user friendly, I understand that the team would be extremely busy but I have had Pabbly for over 3 months now+ and I can't get a single API to work, flows are deducted as failed but deducted all the same. Is there any form of support? I am not asking for you to build an entire workflow, just trying to send data to vbout.

Your VBOUT integration does not include the ecommerce integration so I have to build it manually following this

I can send data to GoogleSheets but that is not my aim here. See full integration:

And also please let me know if there is support or not so I can move on and focus on learning other integration tools.



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Hey @blaze09

As we can see from your workflow, everything seems fine to us and recent execution were also went normally. Kindly let us know where and how your designed API is not working accordingly with the help of a screenshot or short video.

Else you can post the request to add the integration of Vbout Ecommerce here and can upvote it -