How to integrate a Google Form with a Google Calendar event using simply the Timestamp.


I need help with Pabbly Connect. I created a Google Form and I tried connecting with Pabbly Connect.

1) I open Pabbly Connect, start workflow, give a name and then selected Google Form, new response received and then copied Webhook URL.

2) I open the Google Form, I click on responses, I click on Spreadsheet. The response Google Sheet opens up.

3) I click on Google Sheet, Extensions Menu, Pabbly Connect Webhooks, Initial setup. I paste the Webhook URL from Pabbly Connect. I also click on Send on Event.

4) And then I fill the form and click submit. And NOTHING HAPPENS!!!

I cannot make the Webhook connect no matter how many submissions I do.

Please HELP!


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Hey @uspro

We have already covered your query on your another thread, please check that out.