How to send a user to payment page with details pre-filled from calendly?


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Can you please share the full use case? Like which payment gateway you will be using to collect payments.


Ok! I want the user to make payment using Razorpay/ Instamojo for booked meetings on Calendly- I don't want to use Stripe/ Paypal, the default payment options in Calendly.

Step 1. The user comes to my Calendly appointment page
Step 2. The user fills in his details i.e. Name, Phone, Email, Message, etc. after selecting the available slot
Step 3. The user confirms the meeting
Step 4. I redirect the user to Instamojo/ Razorpay page to make a payment.

As of now If I am redirecting him to the payment page- he needs to fill in his Name, Phone, and email again for the payment gateway. Can those details be prefilled for the user which he already filled on Calendly?


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Hey @rajarora

Pelase check out the following screenshot to configure your automation which will work when a new Invitee creates an appointment.


You can also refer to the following video tutorial for your better understanding.

(Watch the second part of the video to create a customer in your Razorpay account)