Hubspot Trigger when Deal enters new stage

Just wondering if it's possible to have a trigger when a deal enters a new stage of the sales pipeline in Hubspot. I've attached a zapier screenshot of what I'm looking for.


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@Supreme any idea if this is something that will get implemented at some point?

waiting for that feature, i can suggest you an idea (if you are in a hurry) (didn't test it yet , i will soon)

- you add a custom field in Hubspot named for instance "last stage"
- you use the "deal updated" trigger in Pabbly and you take care of adding "deal stage" field in the output
- you add a filter at step 2 in which "deal stage" (new stage) has to be different than "last stage" : means deal has been updated and its related to a stage change
- you change "last stage" to the new "deal stage" at step 3
- then you proceed with your workflow ...