I want to know how to get leads from calendly to Amocrm through pabby connect when someone reschedules or cancels an event in calendly.



I use pabbly connect to redirect leads from Calendly to Amo CRM. I set up the integration while someone book event lead is made as contact and then added to CRM but I want to know that what if someone cancels the event and reschedule the event then we also want to know this thing in CRM how will we get this done.


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Hey @Harpreet !

We do have an event for "Invitee Cancel" with us in Calendly, for which you will need to make a new workflow in order to use this-


As for the Re-scheduling concern, once the event gets canceled, and then the invitee Re-schedule, it will automatically reflect in the Invitee Created workflow for you.

Now for the CRM part, you need to use the Update event i.e "AmoCRM : Update Contact"-


Do try on this and let us know if this works for you.