Inifinity - Dropbox - Google Drive


Hi, I´m new to Pabbly. I´m trying to create my first automation but don´t know how. This is what I need to create:

1. When an item is created in Infinity in a specific folder, create a new folder in Dropbox with the same name as the item name
2. Inside that Dropbox folder create an empty Google Doc with the same name as the Dropbox folder name
3. Update an item in Infinity and add to it the link to this Google Doc

I managed to create the first step but the folder name (pulled from Payload ID) is a random number set (instead of the actual name). What am I doing wrong?
I also managed to do the first part of step 2 - create an empty Google Doc but it´s created inside of Google Docs. How do I move it to the Dropbox folder?
And how to implement step 3?

Please, help 🙏🏻


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Hey @krismali

Please check the following screenshot as we have designed the workflow according to your use case.