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Introduction and Pre-requisites

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Pabbly Connect is an integration platform that allows you to automate manual & repetitive tasks by letting you create unlimited automated workflows. Using this software, you can integrate umpteen number of applications of payment, marketing, eCommerce, CRM and much more. You can start sharing data with the connected apps by simply setting up a new workflow. Just pick a trigger & tweak it further by adding filters, actions & field mappings.

Who can build an integration?

Developers are welcome to build their integration in Pabbly Connect. This guide explains the process of adding the integration and API endpoints of any application for those developers who fulfil the following criteria:
Steps to be followed:

Login to your Pabbly Connect account: https://accounts.pabbly.com/login.
In case, you don't have a Pabbly Connect account then, you can create one from here: https://accounts.pabbly.com/signup/
Once you have logged in to your Pabbly Connect account then, you can start building your app integration through this link: https://connect.pabbly.com/app

There are 2 main ways to integrate your application and the need of users will define what they need the most.
For example:

Triggers: Whether your users want to get data out from your platform and send it someplace else. (You need to have Webhooks here inside your platform.)

Actions: Whether your users want to push data inside your platform from somewhere else. (You need to have REST API to add data inside your application)

Learn more about the basics of the integration process in Pabbly Connect from here.

Watch this video for getting started with the Pabbly Connect Developer area:

  1. Configuring your App Details & Authentication method.
    This step includes the basic details associated with your app like App Name, Brief Description, Logo and Authentication method.

  2. Configuring Triggers for your App.
    By configuring the triggers user can send data out from your platform to some other external software platform like Pabbly Connect when a specific event occurs. For this, your platform should have a webhook system. For example: When a new subscriber joins an email list inside your platform, you can instantly fire a webhook trigger with all the subscriber's details in it.

  3. Configuring Actions for your App.
    This step depends on your application functionality like if your app allows getting data inside your app from any third-party services e.g. CRM apps, Email Marketing apps, Task managements apps etc. then you can configure the actions and no need to add any trigger (if not required).

  4. Inbuilt Actions for your App.
    This step depends on your application flow like if you want to show some entries in the dropdown field of the action or trigger step e.g. Subscriber List ID field may be a dropdown field of action then, List Subscriber will be the inbuilt Action for that action.

    Also, you can create an App Auth Validator type action in inbuilt action to check for any connection is valid or not.
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