Invoice Notes

Invoices are an official document that is sent by the merchant to his customer on every transaction. The invoice contains all the important details of the product, pricing, and discount.
In our recent upgrade, we have now added a custom field to add Invoice Notes. These invoice notes would enable the merchant as well as the customer to provide/have additional important information regarding the purchase.
There are two types of Invoice notes that can be added and used for different purposes.
  1. Global Invoice Note - This note will appear on the invoices of the particular product for which the invoice is being customized. This note will appear on every invoice generated for that product regardless of the customer. It can be used to display common information about the product or so.
  2. Individual Invoice Note - This is a personalized note that a merchant can add to a particular customer’s invoice. The uniqueness of this note is that a merchant can keep it hidden from the customer as if he wants the note as a reference for himself only or he can choose to show it to the customer also.