Lost whatsapp Account - Following Pabbly Instructions Video on FB for Developer

While following pabbly connect instructions video on automated birthday wishes, we were supposed to create a whatsapp on facebook to get the permanent token to be used by Pabbly connect.

We deleted our account as the existing whatsapp number could not have been added in the application.

When we deleted the whatsapp account from our phone and created the app with the same phone number on FB for developer, the whatsapp verification on the same number to reactivate/recreate new business account is not happening, continuously says try after 1 hour.

And this issue is only happening with this particular whatsapp number for rest all number, verification is happening perfectly.

Now there is no option to remove number from FB for developer and verification is also not happening.

What to do in this case, have no idea.

If someone can help, please do.


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Staff member
Kindly contact the respective support team of the Whatsapp tool that you are using.